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About the site

Yay! A new layout! Since Sailor Moon will be returning in 2013 Happy I thought that I would change the layout a little; what do you think? This sitie is of my art work and other projects that I have been working on. Cool huh, my works will be posted up fpr your enjoy ment, no particular order.

I do take commitions and prices are fair, and cheap.

You can email me here>>> Anime Blessings


Ok, I know some of you where excited to hear that Sailor Moon is being remade, but...
    From my sources it is sad to say that the new series of Sailor Moon will be held back another year. Now they are saying it will not come out untill 2014... maybe. Maybe, what is this maybe I was so excited to think it was coming out this summer...but you know what if it takes longer to be made then you know it will be AWESOME. What do you think?

    It's me again

      Hello sorry that I have been away for so long I have been working a lot. I am here today to introduce a new artist YAY! So everyone please welcome SARI!!!
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